Network Commons License – The Commons

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The Network Commons License (NCL) describes the terms and conditions associated with the provision and utilization of free networks, and so enables individuals, communities, companies, governments and other organizations to build or support such networks. The NCL is a framework of mutual rights, responsibilities, and freedoms. This framework is intended to help preserve the natural, […]

Community Owned

The web is dying, but mesh networks could save it

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There are legitimately viable ways of preserving freedom on the web while taking the platform forward and keeping it competitive against proprietary alternatives from tech giants. But it can only happen if the web takes a courageous step towards its next level. If it stays in its current form, the web has little chance of […]

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Welcome to NeighborSQUAD

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Originally conceived in 2012, NeighborSQUAD is being brought back in 2018 to address concerns raised by the recent FCC vote rolling back Net Neutrality. Control of Internet access has become increasingly controlled by Comcast, Time Warner (Spectrum), Verizon and AT&T. Under their monopolistic practices the US has dropped from #1 in high speed Internet access […]