Resources/Interviews to Make Community Broadband More Successful

Here’s a little light reading and easy listening. I’ve accumulating a huge amount of broadband lessons, stories and resources that can help you, your staff and your private and nonprofit partners. Over the holidays or down time in trains, planes, and automobiles, you might find some “catch-up time.” Enjoy.Community Broadband Snapshot ReportsThese qualitative analysis reports help community stakeholders make better decisions and build networks that better meet constituents’ needs. They combine communities’ experiences, perspectives and insights. The reports tackle states’ anti-muni network laws, new sources of broadband funding, broadband’s impact on economic development and other vital topics.Gigabit NationIn over 230 archived interviews since 2011, I explore broadband issues, policies, and community broadband success stories. Guests on the show include mayors, broadband project leaders, government agency leaders and managers, public advocates. It’s a resource that keeps on giving – and growing. Analysis of Completed Broadband NetworksThis on-going directory of highspeed Internet network infrastructure that is owned by municipalities, public utilities, co-ops and public-private partnerships. This resource highlights communities’ goals, initial network investments, impacts that justify those investments and communities progress retiring broadband debts.Books on broadband topicsSince Craig Settles initial book on the subject of community broadband, Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless, I’ve written additional books on the subject. In my latest, Building the Gigabit City, I establish criteria for community broadband success, presents the business case for the networks, and offers needs assessment guidance, broadband funding tactics and sound marketing practices.Communities United For Broadband (Like us on Facebook)This Facebook page is open to anyone who shares the dream of community broadband – networks that are run buy local government, public utilities co-ops or public private partnerships. Get advice and recommendations to help you manage wired and wireless broadband networks. We encourage you to add content, discussions and links to resources to further help members.It’s always a pleasure hearing from you and your colleagues. If you’ve got some ideas for new reports or articles, send them my way (craig at cjspeaks com).

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How does the Blockchain Work? (Part 1) – The Blockchain Review – Medium

Welcome to the first installment in the How does blockchain technology work series!Update: July 22, 2017: I want to thank the 175,000+ people that have read this article, and due to the high volume of questions I get on a daily basis, I’ve decided to add some direction to this post, which is a now a 4 part series.If you really want to get into the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, I would highly recommend that you start your journey by reading these two white papers:Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash Systemand;Ethereum: A Next-Generation Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Platformand then read them again….and again…

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Community Networks | Internet Society

If you believe that closing the digital divide is critical, community networks are something everyone can support. These are ‘do it yourself’ networks built by people for the people often with no technical expertise. Community Networks are something you can promote, donate to, or even build yourself.This page will get you started.Together we can help build a digital future that puts people first.

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Get Started | Commotion Wireless

Community Wireless NetworksOpen community wireless “mesh” networks digitally connect communities, and allow neighbors to share Internet access or use locally hosted applications.Community networks are built by a coalition of community anchor institutions, community-based organizations, municipal representatives, and individuals working together to plan, design, and deploy a network. Ownership and management duties are distributed among the community. Digital Stewards are community members that take care of the network.

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