Learn about Aragon and governance using blockchain tech

The scope of Aragon’s influence has been broadening ever since the team started growing from just myself and Luis to a dozen of brilliant freedom fighters. We’ve had serious conversations, both community-wide and internally, about the direction that Aragon should take. We’ve gone from it being a nice way to manage a traditional business to a full-stack governance platform for sovereign individualsorganizations and protocols in the blockchain. This has made us analyze and re-evaluate just what are we building many times over.


Colony: A platform for open organizations

Here at NeighborSQUAD we’re thinking a lot about how we can scale and have a decentralized open organization. One of the efforts we are following is “Colony.”

Open OrganizationsWe believe that the most successful organizations of the future will be open.Openness is not about open plan offices or ‘20% time’. It’s about how decisions get made, how labor is divided, and who controls the purse strings.In an open organization, you’re empowered to do the work you care about, not just what you’re told to do. Decisions are made openly and transparently. Influence is earned by consistently demonstrating just how damn good you are. It means everyone’s incentives are aligned, because ownership is open to all.And that means opportunity is open to all, and a new world of possibility opens up.Colony is infrastructure for the future of work: self-organizing companies that run via software, not paperwork.

Source: Colony: A platform for open organizations